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+441398524762 / Negative
Initially not sure who this caller was - suspected a scam but could have been genuine. Claimed to be BT Internet advising that our internet service is being disrupted for five days and offering a solution. Indian accent, with call centre voices in the background. Was quite aggressive. Wasn't sure in the beginning if it was genuine as some companies use Indian call centres, but after getting into a row (!) with the caller, hung up. When I called back to check the number it was engaged. The next day when I tried the number again, got a message saying that the number had not been recognised. Clearly a scam.
+442036421390 / Negative
Received a text saying....... TSB: Please call us on: 02036421390 your internet login details have been suspended. The text was listed in the same list as my weekly statement with no way of replying. I phoned bank (not using the number in text) and they haven't sent me a text. 100% fake
+441215192328 / Negative
Caller claims to be from BT. This is an attempt to access your computor. Do not respond.
Person called 8.40am as soon as answer machine kicked in put phone down another pain in the XXXX.
+442030062759 / Negative
They used my name in a text exactly as it is written on Facebook. No other way possible for my maiden and 2 married surnames to appear. They told me in the text that my Internet login has been suspended. Evil people.
I think its a machine calling you say hi and it hangs up, if you dont answer it hangs on to it gose to voicemail then hangs up
+441422718962 / Negative
+441784414709 / Daniel Woor
Recruitment company
+442036345650 / Sis / Negative
Constant calls , very annoying. Advised them to politely go away.
+448452280044 / Cwall22
I don't answer calls from numbers I don't know any more. If they're genuine they will leave me a message. This one didn't as usual the number is going to be blocked.