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+447851713075 / Rajkumar
The person who called me Dr.Klen
As per the discussion discussion about a drug company raw materials purchase
His sound like a black man from Nigeria or Somalia I recorded his call also And he want me to transfer money to his fraud fronts accounts
+443333137873 / Unknown / Negative
I received a message from 729 (PAY) saying that they are going to charge me 6 pounds weekly until I call this number 0333 313 7873.
+442036951144 / Joseph Dredd / Negative
Scammers using fake website and spoof e-mail [email protected] that bounces to their real e-mail accounts: [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
+441329448273 / Dave
16.55, no message left.
+441513293207 / Andrew / Negative
Accident claim line.
+442034778101 / Jeff / Negative
Also just have a call from this number and no one answers
+441132354400 / R / Positive
Rang back and answer machine said Leeds City College
+442039360784 / martijn nijland
I'm from holland and i was call yesterday from this number i don't any people life in londen greetz