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+441268711411 / Lily / Negative
Rude and hung up on me as I didn't want to switch to his company
HSBC following my complaint(s)
+443307771417 / Bidzina gafrindashvili / Negative
I don't know why you call me, pls send me text message, my mail is protect don't worry about it 😐 !!!!!
+442030341589 / Marina
If think this is spam
+441617685197 / Kal / Negative
PPI scam using data harvested from unknown sources or an autodialer attempting random numbers. Refused to remove me from lists despite being advised of data protection law.
+442080771522 / Vladymyr / Negative
Wats os telefones namber ?
+442080684392 / Lee / Negative
+442080684392 / Lee / Negative
+441267540016 / Bri / Negative
single ring, then nothing, number not known to me, I know no one in Carmarthenshire, I have reported as unknown/harassment and blocked on my phone.
Dexters / Taylor Wimpey