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+441706242804 / Kolmas
Unknown number
+441483132529 / Negative
Ruft ständig an. Habe Nummer auf dem Router gesperrt
+442038293910 / Pete / Negative
Gamma Telecom Holdings Ltd (SSE Energy Supply)
Didn't answer but looked up the number.
Have registered our number with TPS for what it's worth. Hasn't worked clearly.
+442039121289 / Jacek Strach
Who called me ?
+441680643927 / Negative
Tägliche Anrufe.
Gebrochenes Deutsch.
Verkauf , Umfrage
+447378903002 / Aurimas / Negative
Very bad number!!!they charge me for nothing at all!!!
+442039664269 / Jahed Masud
I missed the call so i dont know who called me
+441925321147 / Zita / Negative
Don't know who thay are, but not leaving me alone. Calling about 10x in day and leaving voice messages, blocked, but can leave vmessages 🙄🙄🙄
+441691663592 / Nick Jones / Positive
Fantastic customer service , and great service.
+441592749655 / alex / Negative
keeps calling and hanging up