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i just heard some noisy voice but i sure it came from UK
+441803299937 / bobca / Negative
2nd call this week.Explained AGAIN that I am in a leasehold flat and could not give them any business
+441615030930 / Emma / Negative
Questioned me about PPI, told them I'd already claimed but they sent me a pack anyway & now they won't stop phoning! Had to block them!
+442080749809 / Scamcatcher / Negative
Cheating scam crash racketeers
+442080749809 / col / Negative
accident scam
+442080749809 / Tim / Negative
Prank call. Unable to call back
+442080749809 / BloodyFox / Negative
Call about accidents. They are not listening what you are saying to them just keep talking. Not very nice people. Keep calling
+441618831864 / Stephen Clark / Negative
Person suggesting I had been in a car crash and then hung up. Like something out of a gangster movie. Spooky. Surely these can't be allowed to operate in Britain. Who funds this?
+441224928631 / Negative
+441513759082 / Negative
Comment part 1
Had a number of silent calls on mobile over 5 days the landline telephone number is 0151 375 9082 which is a Liverpool UK number so far I have had 7 calls all calls missed were put though to voice mail yet no one spoke they were silent calls.