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+442032904118 / Anon / Negative
Got called today. Irish voice saying that I was wanted by Her Majesties criminal authority for tax evasion- attempted fraud not so well disguised!
+441908978800 / Vixen / Negative
Keeps ring but hangs up every time I start to speak.
+442032904118 / Nick Berry
I work for a firm of solicitors. Somebody from this number rang my client pretending to be from HMRC and demanding unpaid taxes with threats of police involvement. Strangely they kept hanging up on me when I called them back on my clients behalf. attempted fraud.
+442031908700 / Negative
telefon spam
+441618141920 / Negative
Confirmed by o2 to be a scam! IGNORE AND BLOCK
+441618141920 / Negative
Claimed to be O2 and "not selling anything" so thought they were allowed to cold-call.

To be fair, the mobile number they dialled had slipped through our Telephone Preference Service registration. Number now blocked and TPS updated. The woman calling was pretty insistent and kept on the line for nearly three minutes whilst the child that answered got the bill payer, and then listened to a lengthy rant about cold-calling! They must be desperate.
+441617682107 / Negative
Con men avoid them
Reported to Met Police
+441617682107 / Negative
Debt collectors for eBay
+441617682107 / Negative
+442070579473 / Negative
Calling and telling me that I have a accident???!!!!!