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+441512000500 / Doctor Chris / Negative
Cold called by this number in the middle of surgery . I always withhold consent so my number can only have been obtained illegally.
+441414791239 / J Douglas / Negative
Call about compensation for car accident. Pure scam as quoted a previous address. Wouldn’t take no for an answer. Called 3 times so reported to TPA and ICO.
+442031503689 / Flaschenheinz / Negative
calls are without any reply
+442033183237 / Katrin / Negative
This numeber is always calling me
+447495970882 / wadroo gym / Positive
Never call my phone or you will be sent up me
+441414791239 / A Thomson / Negative
Calling about the car accident I had.
I asked when this had happened and she disconnected
Accident! News to me!!!!
+441274792527 / Jaqui
Missed call, rang back but kept hanging up... must be a shoddy co
+441274792527 / shane / Negative
bullshit accident call
+441707830258 / kevin starr / Negative
Everest glazing
+442078069859 / Sam / Negative