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+441253928040 / John
Constantly calling
+447517349495 / Kasia / Negative
Received a text from this number " Its Sarah. I been taken to the hospital after a fall& breaking my fibula & left wrist. I need you to do something for me if possible? Text me back if you can".
Message now deleted from my phone, without replay to " Sarah"
+441489880888 / ramz from Malaysia
As i did not expect a call from country code +441, i ignored the call
+441322250224 / K wood
Who called
+441392401382 / Righty O'Nighty
I don't know cos I missed the call
+442035149948 / Alana / Negative
Didnt answer
+442037692545 / Henrik / Negative
Financial fraud
+447537180545 / H / Negative
Con man and a scam artist stay well clear he's after money of lonely and vulnerable women.
+447537180545 / H / Negative
Con man and a scam artist stay well clear he's after money of lonely and vulnerable women.
+448000885532 / youareamazingpieceofshit / Negative