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+442036952365 / Garry Bell / Negative
Charges to my credit card account without having ordered or received any product from this # or website
+443308080359 / maggie / Negative
called offering call blocking service
+442035192128 / Henry / Negative
A guy calls himself Mark Smith and does not want be identified
+441616385296 / Elisabetta
They claim is Barclay and ask you a direct debit but the weird thing is that they introduce themselves saying they want to talk about a personal baking matter. When you call back, it rings a few times and then the line is dead
+442036087932 / Marzena
unexpected from uk to nz
+441270655613 / Abdi
+442035192128 / Montnoveau
Just quiet. Phoned twice, both times quiet.
+442039616332 / Umair / Positive
Hi how are you
+442070902599 / resident of london / Negative
missed calls from this number