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+448006520138 / Claire / Negative
This number is connected to a company who take money from your bank account without permission
+447452303911 / Muki
Marraige Fraud
+442080893342 / Negative
As with several people above, I posted an ad on Gumtree and within 10 minutes I got a call from a guy with an Indian accent, claiming to be from Carphone Warehouse. I just hung up, checked the number online and I've just blocked the number.
+443000120325 / Negative
rang when I picked up asked or money, block them
+447938536830 / Negative
07938536830 just received a call from this number a man with an American accent spoke asked if I owed money to creditors when I was questioning who he was and wouldn’t give a straight answer to his questions he told me to go and f*** myself what a disgusting human being block this number straight away
+447938536830 / Negative
keeps calling, Its Easter have some time off! so I dont answer now blocked
+447938536830 / Negative
no idea. If I don't recognise the number, I don't answer. And now I see from this website, its a scam. Block the number and move on.
+447938536830 / Negative
keeps calling.when i answer thay are aggressive.
+447938536830 / Negative
Called my number twice and husband's once ?! Strange how they have our numbers. I called back for it to be a deadline. This seems a dodgy company avoid guys !
+447938536830 / Negative
Called saying he was from the citizens advice bureaux to say my name had been flagged on a debtors list this morning!!! Didn't even have my correct name. I questioned the number they were calling from, told them to remove my name from their list and i hung up. I have blocked the number