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+442039361507 / Negative
Kenne ich und will ich damit nicht
If you want to see a planned murder then put this number in the search bar.07808174972
It's not EE it's Three network
+441618541109 / Negative
dont know who called.
But not very professional as they left a message and called me a " prick"
+441414452464 / GGG / Negative
Parasytes pretending to be bereaved.
They need to learn how to pronounce the place names they are supposedly calling from
+441273647970 / john / Negative
just hung up once i said hello
+441268297650 / Gaa / Positive
This is Aqua. I have received at least five calls from them today, Sunday! No one answers. So I phoned back, my call went to their answer phone which said ,"sorry our office is closed today, please call back during office hours" . Obviously someone forgot to switch off the automatic dialling. Really angry with them.
+442085991711 / My name / Positive
This number called me today anonymously. I didn't pick-up. No message. Looks suspicious.
+443301170171 / Negative
FRAUD.. GIVE NO INFO, DO NOT CALL BACK. CALL YOUR BANKS OFFICIAL NUMBER, ... do nOT call them back on their FAKE Bank number.
+447441910571 / Negative
07597897397 very dangerous do not call ever