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+447517349485 / ME / Negative
Had a message saying ‘Its emma. Im ok but im stuck at the hospital & need op. Had a fall this morning & smashed a few bones. If your free can you text me back once you get this x’. I ignored it after reading this list of comments.
+442039102922 / Caaz
They're a recruitment agency called Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) on +44(0)2039102922. Thank you.
+441134679242 / Roger Madden / Negative
Very rude operator
+441425462770 / steve
missed call, only curious
Haben Sie Infos über diese Nummer 00447493304663 ?
+441618505677 / Mr J / Negative
PPI scammers phising for bank details.
+441206331093 / Jommy / Negative
Recorded message claiming to be from Microsoft claiming my IP address had been compromised and was been used for illegal purposes and I should call to get the issue sorted
+441932283945 / Stop Calling Me / Negative
Kia Motors ringing repeatedly despite being told we're not interested.
+442033720531 / Jenny / Negative
Called our TPS registered number. The caller ignored me when I told him so I just ended the call and blocked the number.