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+441612418690 / Bob / Negative
Did not recognise this number, answer call anyway. Spoke to an old Paki Man, he started muttering about rubbish, the started rambling, Huffing & Puffin about White People, making racist comment's! I found this very offensive, Rude. Be cautious.
+447522556225 / iPhone
Calling about accident I never had.
+441134679290 / Negative
Nicht drangehen!
+442476685511 / MikeH / Negative
Has called a few times and every time just hangs up when I answer.
+441140231496 / Mr woggins / Negative
Time wasting pillocks of the lowest order
+441140239919 / Jim Bob / Negative
Robot female voice calling about an “accident-which-wasn’t-your-fault. Is-that-right?” Sounded like she said she was calling for something Norman.
+442036096500 / Harlequin / Negative
Have had several calls from "Excellent Life", displaying different numbers including 02036096500. Always ask for me by name. Sometimes they give an address and ask if it's correct, but don't do anything if you give a different address. First question is always "are you working or retired?". If I give a vague answer ("I'm an enumerator, what would you call that?"), they go on to the next question, always "what is your age group?". They hang up when I refuse to answer.
My guess is that they are collecting information for a later use of the pension fund scam that started when people were given control over their UK pension funds.
+441418460171 / Sugar / Negative
Harrassment call received at least twice a week and finally found out their phone number. Selling replacement windows under a government scheme which is a load of rubbish.
Estate agent following up my request for a home report
+441472246799 / goldfish / Positive
This is the number my fish supplier gives if I wish to make a FRESH FISH order