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+442032391003 / Georgia / Positive
Muy buen servicio y atención al cliente, con muy buenos productos a precios muy razonables.
+442033183972 / Özcan / Negative
Beni 2 gunde 3 defa aradı +44 ile başlayan 2 farklı numara kimdir neyin nesidir bunlar?? Bilen varmı acaba
Can I know belong to how this number
If’s belongs to trip airline office or not thanks very much for your cooperation
+442080893971 / dr dolittle
didnt answer
+441618713714 / Donna / Negative
I am in the Republic of Panama. This number called me three times today, July 16, 2019. I called back right away. No one answers.
+442036033860 / JL / Negative
Bogus or scam caller, has called our business 5 times today. When I answer simply just hear 'beep beep beep' then cuts off. Unbelievable nuisance when I am busy trying to get work done. Time Wasters
meldet sich niemand,Hintergrundgeräusche nach Callcenter.
+447128327293 / Pugglz / Negative
No answer when I received a call from this number. I believe they are actually recording voices.
+442038085046 / Jonathan Cooke