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+442032906965 / Iliev / Negative
I’m send 400£ ‭020 3290 6965‬ Now you have to pay £90 to our company and you will receive £2500 in your bank Account within 15 minutes only

Don't transfer in the Bank Account

You have to Deposit £90 to the Company to Receive the Loan of £2,500.

Follow the Steps to Complete your Loan Application.

You go to ASDA, Tesco, Co-op, Sainsbury's, Mccolls, WH Smith, Argos or Morrison Super Store and ask the Shopkeeper,
I want Apple iTunes Card £90. ( 1 of £50 1 of £25 and 1 of £15 )
Than Pay for iTunes Card and get Receipt/Bill of that Card.
Then Scratch that Card on back of the side then you will get iTunes Code, Take a Photo of that Code and Send us back here with same Email ID.

when you make the transaction you can check your balance in 15 minutes only
+442080891921 / CryptoMinerUK / Negative
These scammers are actually from Albania. He slipped up. Greek people use the word Rubles whereas Albanian uses the word Rubla. My later videos will also confirm their locations.
+447480458579 / عيسى / Positive
Thanks Dr for all thing
+441234240155 / Andy / Positive
The gave my son finance to open his garage.
+441268297655 / jumvk
Keep getting number ring I called marble they said It not them ringing me a d they won't need to as I. Update it it not marble
+442038378462 / John
Missed calls
Tuesday, 13 March 2018, 17:17
Wednesday, 14 March 2018, 20:17
Friday, 22 June 2018, 14:33
Friday, 22 June 2018, 19:28

Unfortunately, I do not answer unrecognised numbers, so missed out on the info which everyone wants. However, Google only produced one find, but Qwant [] found 36, including some non-matches! Didn't know that there were that many telephone number databases!

A comment elsewhere, dated September 2015, reported that this number belongs to an agency which promotes more than one client.
+442038683531 / Con F / Negative
Missed two calls from this number, haven't called it back as I've just read the comments on this site. Thanks!
+442032864863 / Annonomous / Negative
Guy with asian accent had my name and said it was about a Minor car accident. Not had one so looks like a scam. There was a lot of call center noise iin background but could hav e been a recording
+441270660300 / Howard Forster / Positive
This is a recruitment and training company.
+441916053155 / iPhone / Negative
Did not answer did not leave a message. Does not seem to respect TPS hence Harassment