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+441792721142 / Paul Jones / Positive
Swansea Based security company called me back after I applied for a job
+441612346126 / Ella / Negative
Missed a call from this number tried to return the call and was told the voicemail was full , had a weird voicemail with a female voice who was chatting to somebody else very odd
+441909722329 / N / Negative
When they called me they claimed to be from a service which blocks unwanted calls, eventually giving the contact details of another company
+447786200497 / Steve / Negative
+447507319811 / Helpful Recipient of Scam Text
Text Message recieved from this number 16th march 2019 about a council tax refund. SCAM!
url given to claim refund is https://council01/council/
+447507319811 / Joyce / Negative
Received text which claimed I was due to receive a refund from my council. the text asked me to click on a hyperlink to https:// to begin process. This is a scam do not click on link.
+447507319811 / Lyn / Negative
Council tax refund. I did not use link as I believe this to be a scam and do not see why I would be due a refund. Says city council and mine is a borough.
+443300450687 / Android
they just keep ringing, you answer and nobody is there, cut them off they ring back,
+447940396752 / finbarwoo / Positive
On answering the call, an automated voice
message asking if you have debts. I hung up before the rest of the message