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+441213182222 / Caller 1 / Negative
It's an automated service (doesn't sound like It!) Asking about a car accident.
+448009755555 / Julie / Negative
Didn't answer but came up as British Gas. I don't have my gas supplied through British Gas so thought was odd. Having read other comments could it be that British Gas would be the company who would install a smart meter? All very strange...
+447860020187 / Aileen / Negative
Test a Dyson v8 and KEEP it. Yeah right
+443303334538 / Negative
Called for plumbing issue and told £119 per half hour to repair. Then didn't even turn up.
+441213189222 / Negative
Just had two calls from this number - tried to call back glad i didn't speak to them will block number. this is a good website. thank
+441213189222 / Negative
Accident hotline bollarks! Ignore
+441213189222 / Negative
Yet another car accident scam call
+441213189222 / Negative
Called but didn’t answer glad I didn’t after reading the reports
+441213189222 / Negative
Just had a call on my mobile then 10 minutes later my wife received the same call on her mobile from this number.. Scammers saying we had had a car accident. When challenged where did they get our numbers they hung up. Idiots.
+441213189222 / Negative
Some one called 01213189222