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+449071267755 / Attila / Negative
Once again same as before caller said was calling from our Head Office whose phone lines were down and could I connect to external line - 0907 1267755 - quick check with DM and 'David' to advise unable to connect. Asked him for more information - refused request saying why did I need this just connect call. Advised unable to connect call - his response was to call me a f**ng c**t..
+441614752971 / Menthee / Positive
Non stop harassment the joke is that I am not even the person who they are looking for
+442032806009 / Chris / Negative
A very heavy Indian accent, said he was ringing from BT. Someone is trying to access my Internet and we need to..... F off and I put the phone down.
+441492548621 / Angie / Negative
Silent caller
+442031294110 / Someone WITH brains: / Negative
Какой-то умственно отсталый, но наглый и прилипчивый (со слегка с южным акцентом) неприятный чувак пытался что-то "вмазать" по телефону!
+441922233028 / Wary Bob / Negative
Says he is from telephone preference service but tries to get your credit card details.
Be very wary
+448447111444 / Liz / Negative
Called from this number this morning saying my Sky card about to expire and then offering a 40% discount for being a loyal customer. They obviously had my personal details. I put the phone down when they asked for my bank details. Definitely a scam which was confirmed when I googled this number.
Wicked as they knew my husband had died.
+441246588376 / Dan / Negative
They immediately hung up after i answered the phone
+442032806009 / Pad / Negative
Said they were calling from BT and we had a problem with our internet. I let her play on and then revealed that was why we were receiving the call from BT. I responded did BT stand for Bl**dy Tossers? I also said I was an I.T. Expert and worked for the police. The response from her was “Go F*ck yourself!” and they hung up.
Somehow I don’t think it was a genuine BT call. Scammers.
+441157070069 / Mick hawkins / Negative
Didn't answer,but have recently booked air b n b,so ties in with possibility of being a scam.