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Arranged SCS sofa delivery. All fine. Not a scam number.
+442036870028 / Leanne / Negative
Received a call from this number at a business in the U.S. and received only silence when I picked up the phone.
+441283347073 / Swady / Negative
Computer generated appointment reminder message from Queens Hospital Burton
+448444933399 / Avios are scum / Negative
Avios. Don't use them. Do bothet wirh tesco clubcard through these people either.
+441914265603 / Negative
Constantly call me, never leave a message.
+441613940000 / Negative
These are scammers who are trying to lure unsuspecting business energy users into moving to them. They have absolutely nothing to do with the providers they say they represent. When they suspect you are on to their lies they become abusive. AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE THAT THEY ARE!!!
+441204238969 / Negative
Phone rings & stops before I can answer. Obviously hoping for a call back. Now blocked.
+442037692976 / DGM Bristol / Negative
Indian Scammers say they are from Talktalk or an Elec Company. Tell them to go away and get a proper job and delete your number and do not call you again.
+447773306461 / iPhone
No one answers
+442036975575 / Nicola / Negative
Peter called my elderly mother with the same con about washing machine warranty expiring. She told him he needed to write to her. I took over the call as I was there and said he was trying to dupe her. We forgot to say about being registered with TPS. I asked for his number and he gave 0800 0236178 but he rang from 01234 608984