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+447860048894 / Lorraine / Negative
Sent me a text message saying: we will be at your property at 00:00 on Friday
18th with job no trade carpenter. Very worrying indeed.
+442890021433 / Mick Cee
+442036704680 / Argh / Negative
Tailor shop who target Scandinavian customers. Spoke with an Indian English accent and was rude.
Just had this come through, as I don't know an Emma I searched the number. Scammers are clearly getting more desperate. Don't fall for it.

Its emma. I have been trying to call you but signal bad. Im at the hospital after having a fall tonight. Can you try & text me back cos i need a favour x
+441618201847 / Claire / Negative
Very dodgy call - when pushed they hung up
Kennt jemand diese Nummer 00441133668399??
Haben Sie Infos ├╝ber diese Nummer 441133668399?
+441709357345 / Tickled-bits / Negative
Missed call (registers as potent scam), no message left. Looked it up & seems to be Vodafone marketing.
I am not interested in anything new so I blocked it, although I'm sure they'll just use another number!
+442039061304 / Jon / Negative
Ping call
+441610155356 / Anna
Rang my mobile. No message. Suspicious