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+442030510988 / GabrielWeege
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+441414716803 / Fraser Mathieson / Negative
Car accident - scam call. Asked for details as apparently my car was taken away fixed by the pixies and returned without me even noticing. Ask the guy to phone police because my car was stolen and I am reporting it myself with the phone number of the call to police because I want to report a theft. Immediately put phone down.
+447730527268 / scammer / Negative
+441905700713 / Bob / Negative
Answered and heard static then they hung up
Missed the call, phoned back and it was an answering machine for a fiona, very strange
+441618184644 / Adam
I did not answer
+447979664723 / Negative
Frau mit gebrochenem Deutsch faselt von registriertem Lotto-Abo. Alles Fake, unverschämt und kriminell.
+441512530931 / Derrick
I think there scammers, keep go ogling the number
+447979664723 / Negative
Frau mit Akzent ruft wegen meines angeblichen Lottoabo's an. Legt bei gezielten Rückfragen auf.
+442080893645 / Negative