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This is a number for HRS recruitment.
Keeps calling and shows "international" before the number. When I answer recorded message saying I have a serious law suit against me and I need to call back.
+442039622136 / Hinde / Negative
Block this number as it keeps ringing even when you have told them to stop
+441737235256 / Bob C / Negative
‭They called and asked for some randomn named person and I told them they must have a wrong number, looking at previous comment possibly a collection agency making sure their contact details are correct before attempting to further pursue unpaid private parking company charges for spending too long in Mac Donald’s car park so jog on 01737 235256‬
+441274792303 / martyin / Negative
Really knew their stuff and persons address Said from.HMRC and call was being recorded for police Said tax due of 3k and would need immediate payment
+442081449288 / Fone ware company / Negative
They are scammer aiming at stealing your identity for taking phone contract on your behalf
+441282801000 / Stanley Brown / Positive
This number is Blackburn Royal Hospital / Burnley Royal Hospital. Switchboard. And also the outpatients number when the Hospital phone for an Appointment to be made.
Koj e ovaj broj so svoni?
+442030566244 / Andy / Negative
Worldwide Currencies LTD. Telemarketing with attitude.
+441418460118 / lulu / Negative
a woman called me saying that i have to activate my account with "BETE" COIN....AND SHE INSIST EVEN WHEN I TELL HER I AM NOT INTERESTED.