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+441905886321 / A roberts / Negative
No answer
+442032172861 / Fanda / Negative
Obtěžující hovor
+442035144828 / Jacob Hand / Negative
I do not answer foreign numbers and I will be blocked immediately.
Jade Crozier, from Vas Promotions. He contacted me by mail to attend a "job" interview but they don't give me any details about the post so I'm starting to think it's recruitment for training courses. When calling to this number the call just ends automatically.
+441143597079 / Tony / Negative
Gave activation code for something.
+442036089845 / Tomasz / Negative
+442039662478 / juuko edrine
i wish to know the owner of this phone because i found amissed call on my phone (0705162615)
+441473379441 / Negative
Verdacht auf spam
+441466705029 / XX / Negative
Spam recording pretending to be HMRC pressurising me into pushing '1'
+442033934771 / sheyla
pq llaman