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+442030249925 / Mostafa Hefny
Dear colleagues ,
Iam trying to contact hotelbeds for register our property hotel which is in ksa.
Our number is : 00966175404000 // MOb: 00966546014737.
thanks and wish for your support .
+442081441936 / C Wilkinson / Negative
Scammers. Beware fake reviews posted here by call centre workers in India who themselves are involved in the scam.
+443308080359 / Ken Fletcher
Called 6 times yesterday and 5 times today asking me details of my credit card , so that they could block unwanted phone calls. I refused and told them l would not pay for this service. They said it was a one off payment of £143.20p. spoken with an indian accent.
+442031987614 / Tony Hayes
Online Academies. Safe call following up on how an online course I bought went.
+441559389891 / Negative
Investitionsförderung. Der Anbieter weigert sich, die Telefonnummer und persönlichen Daten zu löschen.
Wem gehört die Nummer 00441559389891 ?
+442037691263 / Bob / Negative
Silent and then they put the phone down. Scam callers.
+447741234434 / Sarah / Negative
Fishing. Pretended to be my bank. Asked me to call back.
+442085553336 / Ibolya Weiler
Google says it is a number of some medical center but I just received a call from this number pretending he calls from Microsoft and wanting me to turn on May computer.
+441618187535 / Bev / Negative
Scam caller