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+441140960635 / GLEN / Negative
Alpine Solutions. What an obnoxious operation this is. Received several calls to both landline and two mobiles. If I could find out who owns The outfit I would cause them problems. I blame Ofcom and the telephone companies for allowing fictions ID numbers through like these. The culprits need exterminating.
+447537404896 / Negative
I have received a text message from this number saying that the Vehicle GD65xxx will be collected from ME174DT on the 19th December. To cancel the collection, I should call 0333-1361025 a day before.
That isn't my car and I'm not living anywhere near to that postcode, so it must be a scam!!! I would've never called the number anyway, but good to see all the reviews...
+441754821134 / Negative
It's libby I love Nigel evison
called midday on Sunday. A very elderly sounding lady doing a survey. I explained I do not take part in ANY surveys. She politely said thank you and rang off. Blocked..I don't trust any of these calls.
+442038575846 / Negative
It’s not the first time I have been contacted on this number!! Twice in one day last week and then again yesterday evening 🙄🙄 as I answered I just heard heavy breathing and then hung up
+442038575846 / Negative
Claiming to be survey for DWP - sounded dodgy ..
like some bloke sat on his sofa at home ringing random people to get as much personal info as he can to scam them !
+441415301744 / Negative
Accident claims scam call! Blocked now
+441157274188 / Negative
Said they were from BT, and that my internet would be disconnected, then told to press 2 to disconnect my internet or 1 to speak to technician. I hung up.
+441618507504 / Negative
They have rung about three times today and when i answer nobody says anything, although i can hear someone there.
+441676708543 / Negative
Recorded message from "internet service provider" stating IP address compromised and will disconnect in 24 hours press 1 to connect to technician !!