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+448455285555 / Dann / Negative
+447451228149 / Toby / Negative
African man trying to make a large purchase & wanted shipping to Ghana.

A stolen credit card number was given.
+441617528013 / Clive / Negative
Scam trying to get store cards out of you keep well away
+442032862557 / Kiki 44
Edward Lemar called on this number sold me an Emirate ticket for £740, sent me his company bank account
cheapflights JG , Barclays Bank to credit.

I credited the account but never recieved my tickets. He started to ignore my calls.
+441913082487 / John Morris / Negative
Same threatening court. Rang number back and it answered immediately. Definitely not inland revenue. Told them to send all the details by mail at which point they hung up.
+441925906758 / Lorraine / Negative
He comes on the phone refusing to give a company name, and when you aske where he is from he says Warrington, then claims its a personal call for the Director and then refuses to give his number etc, What a despicable human being this person is! Very rude and even after I had put the phone down on him, he had the audacity to ring back and speak to one of my staff stating that we have lost loads of contracts due to my phone conversation with him! Thankfully none of our clients are like this piece of human trash!
+442032870055 / Christopher N Palmer / Negative
Recorded message left on my landline same as all other complaints, money owing to HMRC European arrest warrant issued do not ignore to phone the number. DO NOT phone its a scam
+441912793030 / Tubblog / Positive
Virgin Money in Newcastle
+441912793030 / Tubblog / Positive
Bar Preservation - Damp Proofing company
+442033198020 / Geoff winger / Positive
Harassing calls,hang up as soon as you answer a d can not call back at all. Block and report this number asap.probably trying to steal information or money as soon as you answer.******g scamming scam