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+442031290914 / Иван / Negative
Мошенники !!! Будте осторожны!
+441612266163 / James Lenaghan / Negative
Rang once. No time to answer.
+441204565122 / dick / Negative
this mother f*****s keep calling me
+447335856984 / Pigl / Negative
Silent call from unrecognised number
+441131082364 / PigletJ / Negative
Silent call. Fake number, does not exist on callback
+441829841015 / iPhone / Negative
Illegal cold caller. Probably scam. Wish they’d obey the law and stop making unsolicited calls !
+441131071884 / Bri / Negative
Caller left no message and was a very short ring. I was curious, as I know a couple of people in Leeds, so I called the number. No such number exists, so I have now blocked
Aufgelegt nach dem Abheben
+447979664723 / Negative
Betrügerbandenschlampen die gemein betrügen wollen.Mieseste sorte überhaupt !!!
+441618186028 / Mr Marshall / Negative
said they were from claims advisory group and they had £2390 for me asked if i wanted cash or check ,i asked which company it was from ,they hung up