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no idea who this is. called twice but did not leave a message on my answering machine. when I called back the number is not available at this time.
Another `carphone warehouse` number
Entschuldigung, ich weiß nicht, wem diese Nummer 447832581929 gehört, wer auch immer es ist, liest nicht den Kommentar, den ich immer hinzufüge und sage * BITTE TEXT *. Ich beantworte keine unbekannten Anrufe.
Sie haben mich von der Nummer 447312218357 angerufen. Ich werde sie nicht zurückrufen. Zeitverschwendung. Wenn ich nicht weiß, wer am anderen Ende ist, beantworte ich keine Anrufe von Leuten, die ich nicht kenne. Wenn es etwas Wichtiges war, würden sie eine Nachricht hinterlassen. Aber sie haben es nicht getan
+447801593678 / Ирина
постоянно звонят с разных номеров с кодом +44 и молчат, или сразу сбрасывают,если сказать "алло"
Sehr gut, dass solche Seiten verfügbar sind. Sie sind sehr hilfreich, wenn Sie Informationen zu unbekannten Nummern suchen möchten. Jetzt suche ich nach Informationen über die Nummer 447921822309. Das letzte Mal, als sie mich anriefen, war gestern. Kann mir jemand helfen, den Anrufer zu identifizieren?
+441249712728 / Negative
Online Banking Betrug
Ich habe gestern Morgen einen Anruf von der Nummer 44165967603 erhalten. Ich war auf der Arbeit und habe nicht geantwortet. Ich rufe keine unbekannten Nummern zurück, was ich wegen möglicher unerwünschter Kosten für ein gutes Verhalten halte. Vor einiger Zeit hatte ich einen Anruf von einer ähnlichen Nummer. Aber sie riefen mich am späten Nachmittag wieder an, ich beschloss, es abzuholen, aber am anderen Ende herrschte Stille, und dann endete der Anruf.
+447448814652 / Allan Grieve
[2:51 am, 15/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: Hi, how are you? Henry, I 've been looking for you
[7:00 am, 15/11/2021] Allan Grieve: I am not Henry.
[10:27 am, 15/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: Sorry, I'm looking for my business partner Henry. Maybe my number was entered incorrectly, so the message was sent to you.😅
[5:13 pm, 15/11/2021] Allan Grieve: Not a problem. I hope you find him.
[5:21 pm, 15/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: Meeting is fate. Where do you come from?
[5:24 pm, 15/11/2021] Allan Grieve: Belfast, Northern Ireland, U. K.
Currently in Málaga, Spain.
[5:24 pm, 15/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: It should be a very beautiful place. I must travel when I have the chance.😊
[5:27 pm, 15/11/2021] Allan Grieve: Both locations are. Belfast and Málaga.
[5:28 pm, 15/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: I'm from Hong Kong. Have you been here?
[5:32 pm, 15/11/2021] Allan Grieve: No. Never. I’ve been to England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, France, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Gibraltar, Canary Islands, Italy, Morocco, Cyprus, Majorca, New York, U. S. A. , Singapore, Thailand, Melbourne, Australia, and Christchurch, New Zealand. But never Hong Kong.
[5:34 pm, 15/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: Do you like traveling too
[5:35 pm, 15/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: The COVID-19 is very serious, otherwise I have traveled around the world. I have been to Africa for exploration, Norway, Canada, Dubai, Singapore, Thailand. What are your hobbies?
[5:40 pm, 15/11/2021] Allan Grieve: I can answer later. Right now. I have to get someone to an appointment, who is running late.
[5:40 pm, 15/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: Okay
[10:34 am, 18/11/2021] Allan Grieve: Sorry I didn't get back to you. Got busy, then forgot. A sad symptom of getting older.
I did like to travel. Not so much now in my twilight years.
Covid19 is very serious. I have very unpopular beliefs about Covid19.
It was manufactured deliberately to be used as a tool in a sick, sad experiment by the financial elite of the world, (The Illuminati), in a global human population control program. These injections are already causing millions of failed pregnancies around the world, but the mainstream media is banned from reporting it. They own 98% of the world's media.
Ending cash is part of their overall plan, to control every penny that is spent. Don't even start me. This is just the tip of the iceberg.
I guess that this is the last I will hear from you. After all. who would want to waste their time communicating with an old fart, with such an aggressive idea that the world calls him a conspiracy theorist?
It was nice chatting with you. Sorry for bending your ear so badly.
I hope your day gets better with each passing moment.
[10:36 am, 18/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: It doesn't matter
[10:36 am, 18/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: I run a trading company in China. Mainly engaged in the import and export business of fitness equipment. What business are you in?
[10:43 am, 18/11/2021] Allan Grieve: What? You're still here? I'm amazed. You must want something from me. If it is money, I have none. I'm retired, living on a pittance. All my working life, I was involved in the taxi business, from regular mini-cabs, through wedding limousines, to Executive chauffeur driven luxury cars.
I worked in Belfast, Northern Ireland, U.K. throughout the 30 plus years of "The Troubles"
[10:44 am, 18/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: This is very good
[10:46 am, 18/11/2021] Allan Grieve: What is, 'very good' about it? I lived and worked through some very dark times.
[10:47 am, 18/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: Life is all enjoyable.
[10:55 am, 18/11/2021] Allan Grieve: That might be easy for you to say, if you haven't experienced the dark side.
Have you ever looked down the barrel of a gun, held by a menacing person who would think nothing about exploding your head with a single shot, at point-blank range? Several times?
Have you ever been co-erced into planting a car-bomb in a city centre while your family are held with 6 crazed gunmen? Have you ever had a coal-sack placed over your head and forced to crawl from your car to an abandoned property, locked in a cubby hole under the stairs, then the property set on fire?
Sorry kiddo, but don't tell me that life is all enjoyable.
[10:58 am, 18/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: Are you sending a composition?
[11:04 am, 18/11/2021] Allan Grieve: I believe I am off-loading to a stranger whom I have never met, because I cannot mention some of my dark history to my nearest and dearest, nor fellow-countrymen, because they have all been through it too, and bad memories are suppressed, and nobody wants to talk about it.
Sorry if I have offended your sense of, “life is all enjoyable”.
[0:17 pm, 18/11/2021] Allan Grieve: You say you are from Hong Kong, but your phone is a UK number, serviced by Lycamobile.
I'm thinking you're not legit.
[0:17 pm, 18/11/2021] +44 7448 814652: Do you have Alzheimer's
[0:21 pm, 18/11/2021] Allan Grieve: I prefer to call it, "Auld timer's disease".
Do you just contact people at random? This was a few days ago.
"Bekommt sonst noch jemand Anrufe von dieser Nummer 447448814652 ? Es hat mich erst vor wenigen Minuten angerufen. Ich habe nicht geantwortet, weil ich es nicht gehört habe, und jetzt denke ich, dass es keine gute Idee ist, zurückzurufen".
It translates as, "Does anyone else get calls from this number 447448814652? It only called me a few minutes ago. I didn't answer because I didn't hear it, and now I think it's a bad idea to call back".
Are you some kind of scam artist?
[0:27 pm, 18/11/2021] Allan Grieve: If you cannot convince me otherwise, in the next few minutes, I am going to report this.
+441384842026 / chris
this phone number called my home. the fella said hello then put the phone down. i tried to call back but it was just a dead tone