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+442071934683 / rmm / Negative
unknown landline number from London ringing me on mobile so is going to be spam call as I live in different city , did not answer it and blocked
+442071934683 / Mike / Negative
Wanted to discuss 'that car accident' i'd apparently had scam!9yq7s
+442071934683 / Sam / Negative
Repeatedly asking about a car accident, refusing to just remove me from their lists.
+442071934683 / Morris
unknown to me. I did not answer.
+442071934683 / David
Had several calls from this number over a period. It's an unknown number to be so never gets answered. It is obviously a nuisance call of some sort. Best not to answer it.
+441753804600 / Suspish / Positive
Seemed to know enough details about recent Sainsbury's order which card payment was refused for, so I trusted them with a new card number.
+442071934683 / Laura / Negative
Just been called by this number and it's from London. If this number calls you, decline it, it's very untrustworthy!
+442071934683 / Lorna D / Negative
11.50am and that number calls- today is Saturday - I answer, and line goes dead!
+442071934683 / Clarrie / Negative
Called mobile. Unknown number so rejected call. Dialed back with Caller ID disabled and got "The number you are calling is nt recognised". Conclusion: Someone hiding behind a faked Caller ID number. IMmediate distrust and number blocked.
+442071934683 / SkyeDe / Negative
tries calling at least 3 times a week. when answer line is dead. have now blocked this number.