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0044 7973 745556
Finanzberatungsgesellschaft FINVIS io..
Bitcoin, Krypto.. Vorsicht!!
+442032867333 / vidalin
Want to know who has the number
+447860015063 / Belja
heloo hwo its?
+442084376817 / Negative
Störender Anruf, legten auf als ich den Telefonhörer abhob. Danach habe ich diese Telefonnummer blockiert.
+442039877724 / Fran / Negative
Some guy called me BY MY NAME and then started saying "you are a f*cking b*tch, you should hang up".
Which I did immediately so I don't know what else he was ranting on about.
+442070978315 / John / Negative
Scam pas op!
+442070978364 / John / Negative
Scam pas op!
+441143597122 / Thami
Please let me know who call me and which country.
Aus Großbritannien, Anrufer unbekannt