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Comments (13) Rating - Negative 1/10
It was a scouser on the phone shouting about apparently I was making a lot of noise and I woken up his baby daughter lol. It turned out that my nephew was planning me using prank Dial app.

I don't know how he managed to hide number though and show this number instead as he's only 9 lol
2017-06-23 / Negative
Man saying I owed £22 for a taxi, but wouldn't say when or where?
I live in the country & we don't have taxi's.
said he'd get his legal team onto me lol
2017-06-15 / Positive
It’s just a prank app called PrankDial it’s your friends/family that is prankin you using pre recorded pranks it’s safe don’t worry. Just a laugh
2017-06-14 / Negative
Lady asking me how long I've been sleeping with her boyfriend... Call is from Liverpool

I live in Bournemouth South coast of england....

O2 has done it again

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