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Comments (10) Rating - Negative 0/10
2017-05-05 / Negative
Only received calls from Stirling Park within two days of changing my mobile number, (HOW DID THEY GET IT)
2017-01-20 / Negative
Stirling park vultures- call repeatedly and don't care why you're refusing the call!!
2016-03-23 / Negative
Stirling park are harassing my whole family through my laptop bought by me from cash converters (SECOND HAND). None of us owe any debts whatsoever and this harassment has been the cause of stress and anxiety related illnesses, unfortunately ending up on medication from our G.P.
Just hope Stirling park and any adjoining companies can update contact details of who they are REALLY looking for!!!!!!
2016-03-17 / Negative
Company Stirling /sterling park who are a debt company, once they phone they keep calling even after I told them I am not who they ate looking for

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