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Comments (8) Rating - Negative 2/10
2019-09-26 / Josh / Negative
A guy called Mark Smith left a message: "Hi Josh this is Mark Smith, leaving a voicemail message I have a quick question for you"

I'm in Australia, he was calling at 1AM London time. Clearly a scam.
2019-09-10 / Steve / Negative
No clue how he got my number! I am living in Switzerland
Mark from London - offering tailored suits.
2019-08-30 / Mark Smith / Negative
Vauge message from Mark Smith the UK asking me to call him back...sorry, if you’re an unknown caller and you call me on my cell phone asking me to call you back from another country (where I don’t do any business) I’m going to assume its a scam / phishing attempt of some kind.

And Mark Smith...not a very creative one.

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