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2021-11-12 / jaymesilvestri
Snag Films is a free streaming site that features over 2,000 movies, TV shows, documentaries and comedy shorts.

Their show genres were different than what you’ll find on most streaming sites. Some examples include

Youth and education
Athletes and their triumphs
Human rights and justice issues
Refugee and immigrant stories
Other genres include Veterans and the Military, History Lessons and Political Battlegrounds. There’s a lot to watch on Snag Films and most of it is stuff you likely won’t find anywhere else.

While much of what they share is educational, you’ll also find some entertainment offerings on the site. They offer a small selection of comedy shorts, kids and family shows, and nature and wildlife shows.

Again, most everything on the site was different from what you’ll find elsewhere. It was nice seeing so many titles I’d never heard of before. If you’re looking to do streaming differently this could be a good site
2021-09-29 / Ashley Jones
Thanks! I’d blindly done something similar to this when I initially got my iphone a few years ago but somewhere along the way I actually lost some music and have simply sync’d with my personal computer since. I appreciate you laying out exactly how itunes and the sync function are working. Also helps that you threw in a narrative “step-by-step”. I’ll get this set up again, this time knowing exactly what’s happening so I can keep my work stuff (outlook, calendars, etc.) coming from the work laptop and the rest of the fun stuff sync’d with my home setup. Thanks again.
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2021-08-31 / Harold Burton
Great info and thak you for sharing your findings with all of us. We can not wait to see what we will receive in the response to the initial email.These scam creations are getting better and better every year and we are always on the look out .
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2017-09-29 / Positive
Believe Safe, Hillingdon Council, number seems to be outgoing only cannot accept calls.

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