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Comments (21) Rating - Negative
2017-09-26 / Negative
Suggestion that action fraud should be made aware of any contact with her as then they can do their best to stop her.
2017-09-26 / Negative
I too have had this email .. she replied to my advert on gumtree in the town of Kilwinning where I stay , and where I'm looking for a private let. I looked up the address she gave me and it is a flat on a letting agency website, she told me it was a house . Thank goodness I loooked her up and am not out of any money , I live in Ayrshire Scotland and she has done this to people in New York
2017-09-24 / Negative
I was actually talking to her today about seeing the property at 5 o’clock tomorrow. The house address is 32 Lenelby Road Surbiton but I the pictures on the inside didn’t match up what the property looked on the inside (windows didn’t look the same)Her name is Elzbieta Maria Wakeling. Told me to pay before viewing, please stay away from her she will want to take your money!!!! The house pictures are not the same house that you think!
2017-09-24 / ddac / Negative
A lady contacted us after we put an ad on Gumtree looking for property to rent, told us she was moving to Cardiff to be with family, after many emails trying to arrange a viewing of the house, and gave us a date and time but said we had to give a deposit..., but i'm not stupid. [email protected], mobile phone used 07537182987, take care. Dangerous

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