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2017-09-13 / Bajer / Negative
07537180501 "HMRC is filing a lawsuit against you..bla..bla..bla"
This is up on HMRC page with a warning NOT to engage. It's a scam, they seem to be targeting the elderly in particular (I'm 63 cheeky things). My call was a recorded voice, a female and did not speak with an English accent. My advice, put the phone down and get on with your day.
2017-09-12 / Halftone / Negative
Using a computer generated female voice, same message as above "HMRC are launching a lawsuit against you, press 1 to talk to a case officer". Obvious scam, since they had no way of knowing who the 'you' was who had answered the phone.
2017-09-12 / restof / Negative
person who had bad command of English called on 07537180501 stating she was from HMRC and that they were preparing to take legal action against me. When asked to repeat her message several times, caller ended call abrubtly.
2017-09-12 / Brian C / Negative
This is a SCAM number: Female voice says HMRC are launching a lawsuit against you and to press one to talk to a case officer. HMRC do not use recorded calls from mobile numbers: they write. These scammers try to get you to pay them. Block it!

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